We built the features in PestWorks that we knew would allow pest control technicians to complete jobs quickly, and for business owners to have a transparent overview of their business at all times.

Device Independent

PestWorks works on any browser, any device, any size screen. Smart phone, tablet, laptop. You name it. All you need is internet access, and PestWorks, of course.


You might know them as ‘Work Pools’.

Think about the jobs that you’ve sold and want to make sure get done by the end of the month, but they don’t fit the typical show-up-on-the-same-day-of-the-month pattern. This is the perfect place to keep them. Also, it’s an easy place to keep an eye on how many you still need to complete and how much revenue that will bring in.

Action Icons

When in doubt look in the bottom right-hand corner for action icons. Every page has at least one icon that corresponds to that page. It makes things a lot easier to navigate, and they look cool. On the Tech Dashboard, you can add a job, add a customer, add a time block, or reach out to us for support.


Quickly find the customer that you’re looking for. You can also see their account balance. From here, you can easily edit the customer’s contact information, add a job, or add a payment to their account.


It’s almost too easy. Quickly add a payment or pre-payment to make sure that your customers’ balances are kept up-to-date.

User Permissions

Quickly choose the settings that you want each employee to have. From Staff to Manager to Owner, you decide what access they need to have in PestWorks.


Add your beautiful logo that we know you are so proud of and leave a lasting impression. Set yourself apart, by turning your estimates and invoices into a marketing piece.


Think about the customers that have multiple properties. Give each property it’s own identity, and you can even give each property its own contact information. No more digging around to find extra contact info.

After the Job

When a technician finishes the job, he can simply navigate to add a payment or email the invoice with one-tap. Coming soon : print to mail services.


It’s hard to imagine PestWorks being any easier to navigate. Our simple menu will get you anywhere you need to go. Minimizing extra steps. Maximizing efficiency.

Features in the WORKS 🙂

Here are some of the great feature ideas that we are in the process of adding to PestWorks.

  • Connector.

    KPIs and other business metrics

    To gauge the health and the value of your company, PestWorks will have metrics on the owner’s dashboard

  • Connector.

    Maps and Routes

    For each technician, a daily route will be visible. Also, route optimization is something on the back burner.

  • Connector.

    Offline Mode

    There are areas that don’t provide the best data coverage. Soon, you’ll be able to continue using PestWorks without a hitch. Good data coverage or not. We don’t want to let that slow you down.

Suggest a Feature

We have a lot of ideas about features to add. Let us know what you'd like to see implemented in PestWorks!